Get Ruthless with Roses

Get Ruthless with Roses

In winter roses need a big prune to get good, solid new growth and encourage the bush to produce more blooms for you. Pruning is really important as it helps to reduce disease, encourages air circulation and lets in more light. Cutting back by 50 per cent is what’s required – you’ve got to be cruel to be kind, it’s all for the greater good!

Use sharp, clean secateurs and wear protective gloves to avoid getting scratched by thorns. Start right at the top of the bush and begin by thinning out crossing branches and spindly stems. Work your way down, opening up the centre of the bush and remove branches that are totally dead right down at stump level.

Look for outward facing buds and cut about one cm above them at a 45 degree angle, sloping away from the bud so that moisture won’t collect in the area where the bud forms onto the stem – this will help stop fungal disease. Completely remove any suckers from the root area below the graft.

Immediately after pruning, spray with Lime Sulphur while the plants have no leaves and are dormant – this is an essential step to control any potential pests and diseases. When you see the first new shoots appearing, apply Amgrow’s Organix Harvest which provides natural plant nutrients, trace elements and growth stimulants. Apply this monthly thereafter. Once your rose bushes really start bursting into life, apply the organic pelleted complete fertiliser Sudden Impact For Roses, then reapply every two months until the end of autumn – you’ll be rewarded time after time with magnificent blooms!