Garden Saviours

Garden Saviours

Yes, you CAN keep you garden looking great despite the water restrictions and here's how in 4 easy steps!

WATER STORAGE CRYSTALS - these really help plants survive dry weather conditions and infrequent watering. The super absorbent crystals swell hundreds of times their own weight each time water is applied, maximising the amount of water stored in them. Plant roots penetrate the crystals and extract water as required. As the absorption-release cycle is continuous, your plants will never run out of moisture. Dig into existing garden beds, and mix through fresh potting mix when potting new plants. 

WETTING AGENTS - in addition to the crystals, apply a wetting agent - SaturAid is our favourite as it lasts for up to 10 months! It increases water penetration and improves water retention, getting deep into dry soils. In the garden, sprinkle it onto existing beds, and mix into new ones to a depth of 10cm. For pots & baskets, sprinkle on top of the soil or mix through premium potting mix for new plantings. Water in well after applying. 

FERTILISER - having done steps 1 & 2 above, make sure you apply a controlled or slow release fertiliser before taking the final step. Osmocote has a great range of fertilisers formulated for different plant & tree types which last up to 6 months - we'll help you select the ones suitable for your garden. We also love Garden Gold - it's a granular food for all sorts of plants that you simply sprinkle on top of the soil & water in. It has it's own built in wetting agent that ensures the fertiliser is taken directly to the root zone.

MULCH MULCH MULCH! - applying a 7-10cm thick layer of mulch will retain moisture for longer, suppress weeds & keep the roots of plants & trees cool. We recommend Sugar Cane which adds organic matter as it breaks down improving the soil's structure, but if you prefer a darker, finer mulch with a pleasing fresh aroma, use Tea Tree mulch.

For full details of how the current restrictions affect homeowners, take a look at the blog in our LATEST NEWS section.