Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions

The NSW Government has announced that, from 1st June 2019, Level 1 water restrictions will come into effect in the Greater Sydney area. For the home owner, basically this means that you:

  • Can't water gardens between 10am & 4pm
  • Can't use standard sprinklers & watering systems (drip irrigation & automated watering systems fitted with rain or soil moisture sensors ARE permitted)
  • Can't leave hoses running unattended
  • Can't wash vehicles or buildings with a hose that isn't fitted with a trigger nozzle
  • Can't clean hard surfaces, paths, driveways & paved areas with a hose

Our range of trigger nozzles will ensure you are doing the right thing through these restrictions, so come in & we'll make sure you buy the best one for your needs.

For full details of the restrictions, go to www.sydneywater.com.au/restrictions.