Plastic Pot Recycling

Plastic Pot Recycling

Susan PotthurstSep 9, '20


Our plant pot recycling area is FULL and as we are unable to take the pots to the recycling station at the moment, we ask that no more pots are brought into the garden centre until further notice. We thank you for your co-operation & apologise for any inconvenience. 

Pots no longer need to go into land fill. They are 100% RECYCLABLE!

Every time you buy new plants from us, make sure you do the right thing & recycle the empty plastic pots - we have a big bin here in the garden centre where you can dump them. We take these to a larger recycling station & from there they are broken down to make more pots & other plastic products, but if you need a few to pot up your plants at home, come in & have a rummage – in return we’d love you to give a gold coin donation to our chosen charity, Careflight.