Garden Centre


Tastes and outdoor spaces vary enormously, so we have a whole range of ever-changing products to suit everyone’s needs. We are really fussy about the quality of our plants and decorative pieces because we only want the very best for our customers. Our range of green life suits all areas from large gardens to small balconies and throughout every season we have colourful flowering annuals and perennials, feature trees, topiaries, succulents and all sorts of plants for hedging, shady areas and indoors, not forgetting the all-important edible plants. Whether you’re maintaining your garden or trying to fix a problem, we’re on hand to help you choose the right plant health product for the job. Pots and planters, statuary and water features bring life and definition to outdoor spaces and we have an ever-growing collection of lighter weight pieces to make your life so much easier without compromising on style. Our team is always ready to inspire and guide you so you can achieve the outdoor space of your dreams.