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Don't wait for tick season - have this to hand all year round!
This Electronic Tick Repeller is for our pets. It emits continuous safe ultrasonic pulses which repels ticks, with no chemicals and no odours. Simply attach this water resistant (fresh water only) device to your pet's collar & it will be protected for up to 1.5 metres and lasts for 6 months+.
Ticks are not just annoying. They can cause a myriad of problems - biting, scratching, bald spots, skin and allergic reactions, infections, infestations, Lyme Disease and even death. They are a danger to your pet's health and to you and your family.
In areas of severe tick infestation, this device may not be able to provide 100% protection, therefore physical examination of your pets is always still advisable.
Protect yourself too with Mitey Tick Off For You, also available online.