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This Readerest is a 2 piece magnetic device that allows you to hang your spectacles and sunglasses on any piece of clothing so they're always to hand. The plastic backing goes inside your clothing, with the attractive silver winged heart front "hook" attaching magnetically on the outside.
With 4 super strong "rare earth" magnets which are 2.5 times stronger than normal ones, you can bend over, do all sorts of physical activity like gardening and jogging, and your glasses won't fall out!
The Readerest prevents damage caused by resting them on your head like bending the arms or scratching the lenses.
You can also use the Readerest to secure ear phone wires and hang name badges instead of using a lanyard!
Designed and made in the USA, this product comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.
Approx' Dimensions: 40mm W x 20mm H x 10mm D.